Valorant Patch Notes 5.03 – Valorant Guide

Valorant Patch Notes 5.03 – Valorant Guide

Valorant Patch Notes 5.03 – Valorant Guide

Valorant continues to receive updates and balance changes, and the latest has come in the form of Valorant Patch 5.03. This patch is now live, and the full

Valorant 5.03 Patch All Changes Preview- AG71

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Valorant New Changes 5.03 :
“”Neon Overdrive Changes
Killzone increased 15m to 20m
Damage per shot reduced 22 to 18
Leg shot multiplier reduced 1.0 to 0.85
Headshot multiplier increased 1 to 3″”

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NEW PATCH 5.03 GUNS TIER LIST – BEST Weapons in Valorant to Rank Up Fast – Update Guide


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Valorant New Patch 5.03 Changes (Chamber Nerf, Neon Buff)

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All the update within Valorant Patch v5.03, including nerfs to Chamber and Jett, as well as a buff to Neon!
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