The Kingsmouth Code – The Secret World Guide

The Kingsmouth Code – The Secret World Guide

The Kingsmouth Code – The Secret World Guide

Their are clues left throughout the town by the founding fathers of Kingsmouth. Follow

The Secret World – Walkthrough PART 9 | The Kingsmouth Code

The Secret World The Kingsmouth Code with all cut scenes.
Beta weekend #3 – Hell Raised
Graphic settings: DirectX11 – Ultra High
The Secret World is a massively multiplayer online world with a unique modern-day setting and unparalleled freedom of character progression.
Imagine if every myth, conspiracy theory and urban legend was true. Imagine a world where you can become anything you want to be, without restrictions such as classes or levels. This is the premise for The Secret World, Funcom’s upcoming massively multiplayer online game set in the modern-day real world.
Choose a side. Join one of three secret societies — the Illuminati, the Dragon or the Templars — and battle with or against other players for world domination.
The Secret World has no classes or levels. It gives you complete freedom to be whoever you want to be and play however you want to play.The Secret World allows you to adventure through our own, modern-day world. Explore cities and adventure locations spanning across continents.From the creative mind of Ragnar Tørnquist – creator of the award-winning The Longest Journey – comes a story unlike any before seen in an MMO.Pistols, assault rifles, black magic, fireballs, katanas, explosives — there are hundreds of different weapons and powers to use.


Secret World Legends – Kingsmouth Code

Going through the first major investigation mission in Secret World Legends. This mission type is one that I feel separates this game apart from all other MMOs. Even if you choose to follow guides for all of these missions, at least take a moment to appreciate the thought that has gone into them!

Please feel free to comment any suggestions for new videos, or changes I can make to my content to make it more enjoyable!

The Secret World – The Kingsmouth Code

In the church, in Kingsmouth, there is a slightly creepy Priest, and he is the one to give this quest. It’s a moderately lengthy quest, but it’s nothing too strenuous and can be taken care of quickly once you get it down.

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The Secret World – The Kingsmouth Code Guide / Solution / Walkthrough

Digging Deeper Guide/Solution with Commentary for the “Kingsmouth Code” mission in The Secret World.

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